Get File

To get a file of a node, could be a PDF or other depending the options


With this API you can recover all the documents that have been generated in the execution of a workfloo.

Important Points

Path Parameter

It is necessary to send the Identifier of the workfloo from which you want to recover the documents.

Query Parameters


Each step executed in workfloo has an identifier called nodeId, you can identify this ID in this section:

You need to have this identifier to send it to this service to indicate which node we are going to extract the document from.


You must provide the type of document you want to download, the following values ​​are available.

  • PDF: If a workfloo step returns a PDF, this is the option to download it, it applies to the services that consult the Credit Bureau and Credit Circle.
  • REQUEST_INTL: Original query file sent to the credit bureau
  • RESPONSE_INTL: Original response file received by credit bureau
  • REQUEST_XML: Original query file sent to credit circle
  • RESPONSE_XML: Original response file received by credit circle


If you provide an Id that does not exist, as a wrong response you will receive an HTTP code 404 without a body.

Kiban will return the step by step data for the specific workfloo id, to see examples please review the RESPONSE examples:

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