NIP resend

API to resend a NIP


You can resend a PIN if your client did not receive it or if you want to generate a new 6-digit NIP.

Important points


It is not necessary to send a query body, because the required fields are obtained from the form, so you only need to have your workfloo configured with the required field and provide the specific workflooId as a path parameter.

Successful response

A successful response will only have an http code 200.

Test the service

You can make sanbox requests to this API, it is not necessary to provide any other parameter to the query, being in a sandbox environment it is assumed that a NIP is sent, but this is not actually sent, sendings are only made in the production environment.

Possible Errors

id workfloo not found

You will get a 404 Not Found error when the workflooId field is not correct in the path parameter request.

Incorrect API

If you receive an error code 401, it is because you do not have execution permissions, this happens because the service was consumed with an incorrect API KEY.

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