workfloo NIP

In this document you will find the endpoints related to the execution of a NIP workfloo


This collection of APIs are focused on executing the process of sending a NIP to authenticate your calls from a workfloo to the APIs of the SIC (Credit Information Companies that could be Buró de Crédito or Círculo de Crédito). If you want to authenticate your queries to the SICs by NIP from workfloo, you must run the endpoints defined in this section.


Remember that...

You should have previously created a workfloo using a call to any of the SICs and that the authentication process is NIP by workfloo

For more information please visit our workfloo knowledge center.

API: NIP send

This NIP send API is the step 1 in the process to authenticate the request to the SICs.


Terms and conditions

By sending this API it is assumed that the user accepts the terms and conditions of the use of NIP and its respective consultation with the bureaus.

API: NIP validate

This process details the complete authentication process for requests to the SICs.

By executing this API and applying steps 2 and 3 of the NIP validation process, you can complete the process to authenticate your query with the SIC.

See the NIP validate API to understand, test and see details of this service.

API: NIP resend

This NIP resend API is the service that you must consume if you want to resend a NIP.