workfloo - read first

This page will help you get started with workfloo.


With workfloo you can create and optimize your customer origination and onboarding processes. In addition, you will be able to use the different APIs available in the Kiban Cloud marketplace. It's right! you can use the services we offer in the link tool.

Get your API keys

You'll have to generate your API keys in your space, inside the workfloo section. The menu is called "API Keys".

In order to test and then query in production, we recommend you to generate one sandbox API key and one production API key.

URLs - Sandbox vs Production

In each API reference we will provide the sandbox url. Something like this:

If you want to query in production, just change the url to:


And don't forget...

to use the correct API key.


First read our workfloo documentation...

The objective of this API documentation is to guide you with the execution of the APIs available in workfloo, if what you are looking for is to understand what workfloo is and everything related to this tool, we encourage you to first see the documentation in our knowledge center.