This API is meant to query Buró de Crédito - Personas Morales (Consumers' database).
In the answer the INTL files sent to and received from Buró de Crédito will be included.

Important Points


The field codigoDeLaInstitucion contains the code of the Institution for consultation called Institution Code, which was assigned by Buró de Crédito.


This field represents the type of client to be requested, the possible values are:

1Persona Moral
2Persona Física con Actividad Empresarial
3Fondo o Fideicomiso


This field should be filled with the information you want to receive from Buró de Crédito. The complete catalog is available here

If you need more information about the products, please reach out to your Buró de Crédito contact.


About Producto Requerido and your Buró de Crédito users

You need to check with Buró de Crédito the privileges associated to your users before starting to query. Some products need specific privileges. We strongly recommend to review it with your Buró de Crédito contact.

Buró de Crédito credentials

"claveUsuario" and "contrasenaUsuario" are the username and password provided by Buró de Crédito. They must be valid and your Buró de Crédito account active in order to query in production.

If you want to use "vault", is possible to manage variables instead of use credentials in hard code.
For example, instead of use the next code:

  "encabezado": {
    "claveUsuario" : "USER123456",
    "contrasenaUsuario" : "PASS1234"

You should use the next:

  "encabezado": {
    "claveUsuario" : "@vault:secretVaultName:1",
    "contrasenaUsuario" : "@vault:secretVaultName:2",
    "nombreUsuarioCompleto": "@vault:secretVaultName:3"

Where secretVaultName is the name of the credential created in vault.
:1 means that link take the first tuple value of the vault credential with the name "secretVaultName".
:2 means that link take the second tuple value of the vault credential with the name "secretVaultName"
:3 means that link take the "User Consulting to Buró de Crédito" value of the vault credential with the name "secretVaultName"

For more information about vault, please visit our knowledge center in this link or visit the API related to vault in this link.

Also there you can see our options to update automatically the password of your "Buró de Crédito" user. Soon we will have an API to check the validity of your username and password manually.

The only method to authenticate these queries will be through the customer's handwritten signature on a physical file. It is your responsibility to use this method or validate your query username directly with your Buró de Crédito agent to execute the authentication method by electronic means.


Autenticate requests to Buró de Crédito

According to Buró de crédito, the authorizations of the Clients must be delivered in original to the Buró de Crédito; Commercial Companies must deliver all the authorizations and Financial Entities as indicated by the Credit Bureau. For more information please reach your Buró de Crédito agent

Mandatory Fields

In the mandatory fields only example for PM or PFAE, you can see examples with the minimum fields to apply a request depending on the type of person to request. In the case of a request for a PFAE the fields "apellidoMaterno" and "segundoNombre" are optional. If the individual you want to check, doesn't have a "apellidoMaterno" or "segundoNombre" please leave the fields blank.

País origen del domicilio

The field "paisOrigenDelDomicilio" of the "direccion" section is optional. If it is not sent, we will consider the default value "MX" for this field.

Test cases

We included a query param in Sandbox so you can query test cases that we created to run tests.
In order to obtain the response you shall fill the query param with:

  • completo: it sends back a response with all existing fields
  • credenciales: it sends back an error message when the username and/or password provided by Buró de Crédito is/are not correct.
  • bloqueado: it sends back an answer when the credit report has been blocked by the consumer. For more information on that feature, please refer to your Buró de Crédito contact.
  • nipInvalido: it sends back an answer indicating that the provided NIP was incorrect.
  • score_no_disponible: example when the response for the credit report was correct but the Score was not available to generate a success score response.

Quick tip

You can send a unique ID in "numeroReferenciaOperador" to identify the query and associate it to your client.
You will receive the same ID in the response "numeroReferenciaOperador".

Data cleaning

Before sending the data to Buró de Crédito, kiban cloud performs data cleaning, necessary to prevent Buró de Crédito from sending back an error.

Here are the validations and transformations we are performing:

  • Validate that the data you included is alphabetical.
  • Remove the accents.
  • Replace the letter Ñ by N.
    -Remove the special characters.
  • Put letters in uppercase.
  • Remove spaces at the beginning and end of values (trimming).
  • Clean the address and do not send commas in it.
  • Split the address if it is greater than 40 characters : we then send the address in two different fields (40 caracteres max per field) to Buró de Crédito.

if you detect transformation in the data that you included in your call, this is because of the rules mentioned above, required to make a successful call to Buró de Crédito.

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