APIs to query Buró de Crédito consumers' database


This collection of APIs is focused on Buró de Crédito - Personas Físicas (Consumers' database).

API: Query

This Query API will allow you to query Buró de Crédito - Personas Físicas (Consumers' database). In the examples listed on the right, we included two type of queries:

  • mandatory fields only
  • complete query

Even though the "mandatory fields only" is more than enough to obtain a successful answer, we considered the option of you willing to send more data to ensure the hit of the query.




For the query to be processed, you need to send a compliant RFC and an existing zip code in Sepomex database.

We will be releasing APIs to check those fields really soon.

API: History

This History API is made to retrieve the data from a previously executed query.


The catalogs page contains all necessary codes and information to fill a field.