Validate Postal Code


This API is meant to validate a postal code into the SEPOMEX data base

Important points

Mandatory Field

codigoPostal field is required to validate the data.

Validations applied

The value for codigoPostal must only contain numbers and should have a length of 5 digits

Test cases

We have included a query parameter in Sandbox to enable you to query the test cases that we created for running tests. To get a response, fill the testCaseId parameter with any of the following cases:

1663567bb713cf2110a1106deCP no encontradoIndicates that there is no information with the postal code provided
3663567bb713cf2110a1106ddRespuesta exitosaIndicates one successful response


Test your own test case

In case you want to test your own test case created in link, you can send in the testCaseId parameter the identifier of the test case you want to use.

For more information visit our knowledge center to know more about test cases

Possible Errors

The next errors can be returned if there is a problem with the request body or the execution of this service:

"LENGTH_ERROR; should be = 5".

"FORMAT_ERROR; must only contain numbers".

Possible responses

If the postal code does not exist the service will return an empty response
If the postal code is valid it will return the next data:
- "Asentamiento"
- "Ciudad"
- "ClaveDeOficina"
- "CodigoPostal"
- "DelegacionMunicipio"
- "Estado"
- "TipoDeAsentamiento"
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