Validate a CFDI

API to validate a CFDI


With this API, you can validate if one CFDI, if it is valid and is registered on the SAT portal.

Important points


To make the request it is necessary provide all the fields.

montoNumericYesnumerical value greater than zero, may contain decimal point
rfcEmisorAlphanumericYesIndicate the RFC of the issuer.
rfcReceptorAlphanumericYesIndicate the RFC of the receiver.
uuidAlphanumericYesIndicate the uuid, the middle hyphens are allowed

Successful response

Inside the response object you will only get the next fields.

field NameDescription
CodigoEstatusIt will indicate the status code of the CFDI
EsCancelableIt will indicate if you can still cancel the CFDI
EstadoStatus of the invoice
EstatusCancelacionIt will contain the status if the invoice cancellation was made
    "id": "65600ac52bacd50889a58413",
    "createdAt": "2023-11-24T02:30:29.444346809Z",
    "finishedAt": "2023-11-24T02:30:29.713632202Z",
    "duration": 269,
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "request": {
        "monto": 161,
        "rfcEmisor": "SAS121109B14",
        "rfcReceptor": "MQMJ900119U24",
        "uuid": "44E5AF40-8E46-4AFE-BA70-64F5CDB4A6DC"
    "response": {
        "CodigoEstatus": "S - Comprobante obtenido satisfactoriamente.",
        "EsCancelable": "Cancelable sin aceptación",
        "Estado": "Vigente",
        "EstatusCancelacion": "",
        "ValidacionEFOS": "200"

Test the service (test cases)

We included two query params in Sandbox environment (testCase and testCaseId), so you can query test cases that we created to run tests.
In order to obtain the response you shall fill the testCase param with:

  • success: it sends back a successful example of a requests.


Test your own test case

In case you want to test your own test case created in link, you can change the testCase parameter to testCaseId and send the identifier of the test case you want to use

Listing the possible error responses

Required fields

You will get a 400 bad request error any of the fields are not provided in the request body.

    "monto": "FORMAT_ERROR; can't be zero or less",
    "rfcEmisor": "EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty",
    "rfcReceptor": "EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty",
    "uuid": "EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty"

Invalid format

You will get a 400 bad request error when the RFC does not conform the specific format.

    "monto": "FORMAT_ERROR; should be have 2 decimal digits maximum",
    "rfcEmisor": "FORMAT_ERROR; should be in rfc format",
    "rfcReceptor": "FORMAT_ERROR; should be in rfc format",
    "uuid": "FORMAT_ERROR; should be in uuid format"

Test case not found

If a test case parameter is not sent or a value other than those mentioned above is sent, the service will return the following error 400 bad request

    "testCase": "EMPTY_ERROR; test case not found",
    "testCaseId": "EMPTY_ERROR; test case not found with given id"


It means that the provided API is incorrect and that you are not authorized to access it. You will not receive a body, only a 401 HTTP code.

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