Extra responses

As an additional response, Kiban returns an extra parameter called status, which indicates the current status of the queried person.

For the status field we have 3 possible options.

  • FOUND, When it was found successfully.
  • NOT_FOUND, When no information was found with the provided data
  • NOT_VALID To indicate that the service returned an invalid status


When you have this status, it means that the requested CURP does exist but it is not valid, for these cases kiban will return extra information in the fields statusCurp and statusCurpDescription, which will indicate why it is not valid. To know the possible statuses see the following catalog.

ANAlta Normal
AHAlta con homonimia
RCCRegistro de cambio afectando a CURP
RCNRegistro de cambio no afectando a CURP
BAPBaja por documento apócrifo
BSUBaja sin uso
BDBaja por defunción
BDMBaja administrativa
BDPBaja por adopción
BJDBaja Judicial