Employment history


This API lets you know the Informative data that allows you to know the number of weeks that you have contributed to the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS).

Important points

Required parameters

Both fields nss and curp in the request body are required.


Número de Seguridad Social (NSS for its acronym in Spanish), must be an 11-digit numeric data


Clave Única de Registro de Población, (CURP for its acronym in Spanish), must be an 18-character alphanumeric data.

If you are not sure how to obtain this field and you have your client's personal data, we suggest you visit our CURP validate by data service to apply a validation and recover the CURP.

Successful response

To know the fields of a successful response you should see our example called success in the response section.

Test the service (test cases)

We included a query param in Sandbox environment, so you can query test cases that we created to run tests.
In order to obtain the response you shall fill the query param with:

  • success: it sends back a successful example of a requests.

  • InputError: it returns the response indicating whether there was an error in the request made.

  • invalid: it returns the response indicating when any of the data provided was invalid and the query could not be applied

  • requestNumberError: it returns a response indicating that there was an error while querying, it occurs when more than three queries were made with the same data in one day

  • unavailable: it returns a response indicating that the service of the IMSS platform is not available and we could not apply the query.

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