NIP Audit

To generate a NIP audit file for Círculo de Crédito Persona Física


This endpoint generates a file requested by "Círculo de Crédito" when you use the kiban NIP bureaus service to authorize your queries and apply the request to "Círculo de Crédito".

Important Points

Required parameters

The two date parameters (startDate and endDate) are required to be able to execute the query.
The format to use is "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss[Z]"

For an example see the Request example:

Successful response

To know the fields of a successful response you should see our example called Success in the response section.


In this field you will get the CSV file with all the queries that you have made to Círculo de Crédito in the selected period, remember that only the queries that you have made using the kiban NIP bureaus service will be shown, for any other types of authorization you must generates this report yourself.


Authorization way

You need to validate with "Círculo de Crédito" the way your queries are authorized, to validate that your client properly authorizes you to get his report. We strongly recommend you to review it with your "Círculo de Crédito" contact.

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