This API is meant to send SMSs. Kiban cloud use the algorithm provided by the SAT to generate the exact RFC.
In the answer the complete RFC with the homoclave will be included.

Important Points

Mandatory Fields

All the fields in the body are mandatory and kiban cloud performs validations on the information sent to detect special characters or incorrect formats.

Test cases

This API has no test cases because kiban cloud always will return an example as generated RFC, to recover the real RFC will be necessary to apply the request in production environment.

The next errors can be returned if there is a problem with the request body or the execution of this service:

"countryCode": EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty
"countryCode": DOES NOT EXIST ELEMENT IN CATALOG; country code not found
"message": LENGTH_ERROR; should be >= 1
"to": LENGTH_ERROR; should be >= 1 and <=15
"to": "FORMAT_ERROR; must only contain numeric characters"
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