Send SMS


This API is meant to send SMSs messages as notifications. This services only works in production environment.

Important Points

Required fields

All the fields in the body are mandatory and kiban cloud performs validations on the information sent to detect special characters or incorrect formats.


The following validations are applied to the fields in the boody:

  • countryCode:
    • Must have a length less than or equal to 4 characters
    • must be a value according to the International Telecommunication Union adding a plus (+) at the beginning. For example, to send an SMS to Mexico, you must send +52 in this field
  • to:
    • Indicate the phone number to which the SMS will be sent.
  • message:
    • Message to send the NIP. You can put any message but we remind you that SMS messages without special characters can have up to 160 characters, including spaces and line breaks. If the message is longer, kiban will split it into several messages and each of these sent messages will be counted as one SMS.


You can find an examples of the different kinds of responses in the examples of the call.

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