Generate RFC PM

API to generate a Persona Moral RFC


This API is meant to generate an RFC with homoclave for Personas Morales. Kiban cloud use the algorithm provided by the SAT to generate the exact RFC.
In the answer the complete RFC with the homoclave will be included.

Important Points

Mandatory Fields

All the fields in the body are mandatory and kiban cloud performs validations on the information sent to detect special characters or incorrect formats.

razonSocialAlphabeticYesN/AName of the company.
fechaConstitucionDateYes10Company registration date with format yyyy-mm-dd

Test the service (test cases)

You will not be able to test the operation of this service in the sandbox environment, because we always return a single calculated value, to validate the operation, we suggest you make a query in the production environment

Successful response

Inside the response object you will only get the next field.

rfcWill contain the generated RFC.
    "id": "656007582bacd50889a58412",
    "createdAt": "2023-11-24T02:15:52.03976724Z",
    "finishedAt": "2023-11-24T02:15:52.039850907Z",
    "duration": 0,
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "request": {
        "fechaConstitucion": "2013-11-06",
        "razonSocial": "INDUSTRIAS KIBAN"
    "response": {
        "rfc": "NKO080220554"

Listing the possible not success responses

Required fields

You will get a 400 bad request error when any of the required fields are not provided.

    "fechaConstitucion": "FORMAT_ERROR;  expected format: yyyy-mm-dd",
    "razonSocial": "EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty"

Invalid Format

Some of the fields contain illegal characters or formatting, the service will return the a 400 bad request

    "fechaConstitucion": "FORMAT_ERROR;  expected format: yyyy-mm-dd"


It means that the provided API is incorrect and that you are not authorized to access it. You will not receive a body, only a 401 HTTP code.

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