Reporte de credito por kiban - Personas Morales.

To query commercial credit report from business (Personas Morales) and individuals with business activities (Personas Físicas con Actividad Empresarial)


Reporte de crédito by kiban - Personas Morales: more in our knowledge center.

Important points


This field represents the type of client to be requested, the possible values are:

1Persona Moral
2Persona Física con Actividad Empresarial
3Fondo o Fideicomiso


This field should be filled with the product from Buró de Crédito you want to receive, the possible values are:

501Reporte de crédito consolidado
001Reporte de crédito

Mandatory Fields

In the mandatory only required fields example, you can see the minimum fields to apply a request depending on the type of person to request. In the case of a request for a PFAE the fields "apellidoMaterno" and "segundoNombre" are optional. If the individual you want to check, doesn't have a "apellidoMaterno" or "segundoNombre" please leave the fields blank.


You will notice in the mandatory fields, "tipo" and "id" within an authorization segment:

 "authorization": {
    "tipo": "nip",
    "id": "645a74e7dda9781161e787b"

"tipo" should always be filled with "nip" and "id" obtained from the response of the validate nip call

To obtain the id in the validate nip call, it is mandatory to have performed the complete NIP Bureaus process

You won't be able to use this query if you haven't performed the NIP process.

Test cases

We included a query param in Sandbox so you can query test cases that we created to run tests.

In order to obtain the response you shall fill the query param with:

  • completo: it sends back a response with all existing fields
  • bloqueado: it sends back an answer when the credit report has been blocked by the consumer. For more information on that feature, please refer to your Buró de Crédito contact.
  • nipInvalido: it sends back an error message when the nip was invalid or was not provided.
  • score_no_disponible: example when the response for the credit report was correct but the Score was not available to generate a success score response.

Data cleaning

We perform data cleaning necessary to prevent errors in the request.

Here are the validations and transformations that kiban performs:

  • Validate that the data you included is alphabetical.
  • Remove the accents.
  • Replace the letter Ñ by N.
  • Remove special characters.
  • Put letters in uppercase.
  • Remove spaces at the beginning and end of values (trimming).
  • Clean the address and do not send commas in it.
  • Split the address if it is greater than 40 characters : we then send the address in two different fields (40 caracteres max per field) to Buró de Crédito.

If you detect transformation in the data that you included in your call, this is because of the rules mentioned above, required to make a successful call.

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