Employment history


This API allows you to find out the employment history of a person who has worked for the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE).

Important points

Required parameter

The curp field in the request body are required.


Is the Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP for its acronym in Spanish), must be an 18-character alphanumeric data.

curpAlphanumericYes18Provide a valid CURP according to the CURP rules

If you are not sure how to obtain this field and you have your client's personal data, we suggest you visit the CURP validate by data service to apply a validation and recover the CURP.

Successful response

To know the fields of a successful response you should see our example called success in the response section.

Inside the response structure you will get the next fields.

field Namesubfield nameDescription
clinicaObject to indicate the ISSSTE clinic where the user is registered.
claveISSSTE clinic key
delegacionIssstename of the Issste delegation
domicilioaddress of the Issste delegation
nombrename of the Issste delegation
tipotype of the Issste delegation:
-CAF: Consultorio de Atención Familiar
-CE: Clínica de Especialidades
-CH: Clínica Hospital
-CMCT: Consultorio Médico en Centro de Trabajo
-CMF: Clinica de Medicina Familiar
-CMFE: Clinica de Medicina Familiar con especialidades
-CMN: Centro Médico Nacional
-HAE: Hospital de Alta Especialidad
-HG: Hospital General
-HR: Hospital Regional
-UMF: Unidad de Medicina Familiar
curpCURP of the requested person.
datosLaboralesArray of one element that will return the last work record of the person consulted
fechaAltaDate on which the last job was registered in dd/mm/yyyy format
pagaduriaInstitution that pays the salary
ramobranch or role played at work.
remuneracionTotalsalary earned in employment
salarioBaseCotizacionquoted base salary
tipoPensiontype of pension:
domicilioMost recent registered address
cpPostal Code
numeroExteriorexterior number
numeroInteriorinterior number
estadoCivilCivil status:
statusEstatus of the request
-FOUND: The CURP was found in the ISSSTE system and the response was successfully retrieved.
-NOT_FOUND: The CURP was not found in the ISSSTE system and and we could not return information.
fechaAltaPlazaActualdate of registration of current employment in format dd/mm/yyyy
fechaBajadate of termination in format dd/mm/yyyy
fechaIngresoGobiernoFederaldate of entry into the Federal Government in format dd/mm/yyyy
fechaNacimientoBirth date
nombreName(s) of the person
nssSocial security number
primerApellidolast name
segundoApellidoSecond last name
situacionAfiliatoriaAffiliation Status:
tipoDerechohabientetype of beneficiary:

Test the service (test cases)

We included a query param in Sandbox environment, so you can query test cases that we created to run tests.
In order to obtain the response you shall fill the query param with:

  • success: it sends back a successful example of a requests.

  • invalidInput: it returns the response indicating when the curp provided was invalid and the query could not be applied

  • unavailable: it returns a response indicating that the service of the IMSS platform is not available and we could not apply the query.


Test your own test case

In case you want to test your own test case created in link, you can change the testCase parameter to testCaseId and send the identifier of the test case you want to use


change in test cases starting May 20, 2024

We inform you that starting May 20, 2024 we will make an update in the way of consuming our test cases, from now on, you must send the parameter testCaseId, indicating the identifier of the ID that is required to consult, for more information visit our knowledge center.

You can use any of the following testCaseId to test this service:

1663567bb713cf2110a1106cbCURP inválidaIndicates that no information was found for the CURP provided
3663567bb713cf2110a1106caRespuesta exitosaIndicates a successful response
6663567bb713cf2110a1106ccServicio no disponibleIndicates that the service is not available

Listing the possible error responses

Required fields

You will get a 400 bad request error when the RFC is not provided in the request body.

    "curp": "REQUIRED_FIELD_ERROR; EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty"

Invalid format

You will get a 400 bad request error when the RFC does not conform the specific format.

    "curp": "FORMAT_ERROR; must match [A-Z]{1}[AEIOUX]{1}[A-Z]{2}[0-9]{2}(0[1-9]|1[0-2])(0[1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-9]|3[0-1])[HM]{1}(AS|BC|BS|CC|CS|CH|CL|CM|DF|DG|GT|GR|HG|JC|MC|MN|MS|NT|NL|OC|PL|QT|QR|SP|SL|SR|TC|TS|TL|VZ|YN|ZS|NE)[B-DF-HJ-NP-TV-Z]{3}[0-9A-Z]{1}[0-9]{1}"

Test case not found

If a test case parameter is not sent or a value other than those mentioned above is sent, the service will return the following error 400 bad request

    "testCase": "EMPTY_ERROR; test case not found",
    "testCaseId": "EMPTY_ERROR; test case not found with given id"

CURP not found

You will get a 200 http code response when we could not find data on the ISSSTE platform associated with the CURP provided, the status of the request will be NOT_FOUND

    "id": "65553db7acf971fe2a459351",
    "createdAt": "2023-11-15T21:52:55.338558267Z",
    "finishedAt": "2023-11-15T21:57:38.181184331Z",
    "duration": 282842,
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "request": {
        "curp": "KIBA801010HDFPMD00"
    "response": {
        "mensaje": "Verifique que la CURP sea correcta y se encuentre en la base de datos del ISSSTE",
        "status": "NOT_FOUND"


It means that the provided API KEY is incorrect and you are not authorized to access it. You will not receive a body, only a 401 HTTP code.

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