Validate by CURP


This API lets you validate the CURP (Clave Unica de Registro de Población) against the RENAPO (Registro Nacional de Población) system.

Important points

Required parameters

The parameter called curp of the body request is required.


The following validations are applied to the curp parameter

  • Must be 18 characters long
  • Must comply with the format of a valid CURP


You can find an examples of the different kinds of responses in the examples of the call.

There are some cases that return extraordinary information when a CURP is not valid, to understand more about it visit this article.

Test the service (test cases)

We included a query param in Sandbox environment, so you can query test cases that we created to run tests.
In order to obtain the response, please fill the query param with:

  • success: it sends back a successful response

  • notFound: it sends back a response with the status "NOT FOUND" to indicate that the query was not found on the RENAPO system.

Possible Errors

Required field

You will get a 400 bad request error when the curp parameter is not provided in the body request.

    "curp": "REQUIRED_FIELD_ERROR; EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty"

Invalid format

You will get a 400 bad request error when the curp parameter does not comply with the correct format

    "curp": "FORMAT_ERROR; invalid curp format"

Test case not found

if a test case parameter is not sent or a value other than those mentioned above is sent, the service will return the following error 400 bad request

    "testCase": "EMPTY_ERROR; test case not found"

Service Unavailable

If the CURP system is not available, this endpoint will retrieve the next response:

    "id": "64405bb85a7fcc51545aa79b",
    "createdAt": "2023-04-19T15:23:04.834748-06:00",
    "finishedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "duration": 0,
    "status": "SERVICE_ERROR",
    "errorMessage": "error service unavailable",
    "request": {
        "curp": "ABCD970724HYNNNL07"
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