First call - sending user data

This call is the first one of the rainao process.

Success Response

If the response is successful, the service gives back a unique id which will be used for subsequent calls for the same process.

    "id": "63728d189c699d2310a37d04"

Bad Request Response

The response could return a bad request if any of the provided fields are missing or have an incorrect format

LENGTH_ERROR; should be >= 1
The field is required and at least is necessary to provide one character

FORMAT_ERROR; should be correct format
The format of an specific field is incorrect, we also provided the validated regular expression.

FORMAT_ERROR; expected format: yyyy-mm-dd
The format of the birthdate is incorrect

Conflict response

When you receive a 409 conflict response, it means that the phone number or email, together or separately, have already been used in the last 3 months, to avoid identity theft problems, rainao validates these fields and does not allow you to do the request to buró de crédito. In this case you must enter another phone number or email.

    "typeError": "ERROR_EXISTS_LAST_3_MONTHS",
    "errors": null
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