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Rainao allows you to get the "Reporte de crédito especial" of an individual person.

In order to use it you'll have to log in to your kiban cloud space, got to the marketplace and select the tool "rainao" and add it to your active tools.

Get your API keys

You'll have to generate your API keys in your space, inside the rainao section.

In order to test and then query in production, we recommend you to generate one sandbox API key and one production API key.

URLs - Sandbox vs Production

In each API reference we will provide the sandbox url. Something like this:

If you want to query in production, just change the url to:


And don't forget...

to use the correct API key.


In order to consume APIs in production environment, is necessary to activate the certification in Configuration section, for more information visite our knowledge center in rainao certification section


You can send all the requests that you want in sandbox environment, but in order to make queries in the production environment, it is necessary that you finish your certification process and that it be validated by our customer success team