This API is meant to validate a list of RFCs for Persona Física and for Persona Moral in the SAT website.

Important points

Mandatory Fields

The field rfcs is mandatory and it is required to send at least one rfc in the body to perform RFCs validations.

Validations applied

For the field rfc which is inside the rfcs array, kiban cloud applies a RFC format validation according to the SAT rules, the RFC must contain an RFC with homoclave and could be for Persona Física or Persona Moral.

Test cases

To recover a success response in sandbox environment is necessary to send a test case (see query parameter "testCase"). The posible values for the query param "testCase" are :

  • valid it will return an example with valid RFCs
  • invalid it will return an example with invalid RFCs

Example :

Possible Errors

The next errors can be returned if there is a problem with the request body or the execution of this service:

"RFCs": "EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty",. rfcs array cannot be empty.

"rfc[1]": "EMPTY_ERROR; can't be empty". At least one element is required in the rfcs array.

"rfc[1]": "FORMAT_ERROR; should be in rfc format with homoclave". The format for the provided rfc in position 1 is incorrect.

Possible responses

RFC no registrado en el padrón de contribuyentes. This means the RFC is not registered and it is not valid

RFC válido, y susceptible de recibir facturas. This means the RFC is registered and it is valid
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