Reporte de crédito - Personas Físicas por kiban

APIs to query the credit report for a consumer using the kiban service


This collection of APIs is focused on the credit report for individuals (reporte de crédito - Personas Físicas). You will have the possibility to consult the reports of your clients even if you do not have an account registered in any SIC (Sociedad de Información Crediticia).

API: Query Reporte de crédito by kiban - Personas Físicas

This Query API will allow you to query reporte de crédito Personas Físicas (Consumers' database). In the examples listed on the right, we included two type of queries:

  • Mandatory Fields only
  • Request completo

Even though the "Mandatory fields only" is more than enough to obtain a successful answer, we considered the option of you willing to send more data to ensure the hit of the query.